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Hi Chad,

Thank you for the work you did on my wife's crossbow. She put two in a row in the bulls eye--IN THE SAME HOLE, first two shots.

- Dave

Hi Jeanette!

I just want to say thank you for such a great time at my birthday! I had so much fun improving my archery skills even more and everyone in the group had a great time!! I will definitely be back for some open shooting and maybe lessons to improve my skills, and I will definitely recommend your range to everyone I know!

See you soon! And Thanks again!

-Melissa Weller

Just wanted to thank you for all the help and training yesterday for buying my first bow :) Really appreciate it. I love it and can't wait to get out using it more!

Thanks again! 
Renee Van Vreede

Chad, Thanks much for turning my Helim down to 50# and recommending I not use mechanicals.  I ended up shooting both a 424 lb record book bear as well as a 204 lb 9 ptr on my property.  30 yd heart shot.  I like drawing 50#.

- Brian S.

Thanks again, He LOVES his lesson. No joke - everyday he wakes up and asks if he has archery today?
It's always a bummer when i say no.

- Katie B.

My kids, Collin and Delaney, had a great time with the lessons and we are so happy that they have discovered archery as a sport! I know that you had a lot to do with Delaney enjoying her first session of lessons. You are really wonderful with the kids! Thanks so much for all you do!

Thank you again for your help with Kaeden's birthday party, they had a blast and are still talking about it today!

- Jessie Fendrick

Thank you so much for such a great party. Today at voting we saw some of the parents and they were still raving about the great time their child had.

- Cheryl H.



Just wanted to let you know I shot my first deer with a bow last night. A nice doe – clean pass through. The Helim did the trick! Thank you for your help in my lessons. It definitely paid off.

- Jamie Brown

Thanks for all the help. Our experiences at Old 45 have been nothing but outstanding!

Thanks, Pat


Hey guys.... Thanks for all the help! Especially that straight shooting bow!!!


Great Staff! I've been to nearly every pro shop in the area. Purchased several bows from different places. This time I needed to purchase my sons first bow. They were very helpful, knowledgeable and patient with getting him setup with the right equipment. After you experience bad service at other places, you appreciate the good service you receive at Old 45 Archery. Thanks again Chad.

- Jason

Thank you so much for the party. ALL the kids loved it, they didn't want to go home. Thanks again for a GREAT party.

- The Kluck family





My 15 year-old daughter and myself both took lessons. It was evident that Jeanette is very focused in her instructional and teaching ablilities and she individualizes that to her students and their needs. It was wonderful to have a female prospective. My daughter and I thank you and have gained a great deal in taking your lessons! Thanks again!

- Angela and Courtney Mortenson

My time taking archery lessons has been a fun and highly productive time. My instructor, Jeanette, started teaching me how to shoot a bow when I was a novice, to say the least. Now I feel, that with her expert advice, I can shoot better than I had ever imagined. My time at Old 45 Archery, so far, has been unforgettable and I know more good times are yet to come.

- Jack Moore



I like Old 45 Archery because they set up my new bow just for me and it's awesome. Jeanette made it very easy for me to learn how to use my bow. It's so fun to be there. I hope my dad will let me have my birthday there. The 3D range is soooooooooo cool. I love Old 45 Archery!

- Avery

Jeanette and Chad,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience that my son Evan and his friends had at his birthday party at Old Highway 45 Archery. The kids all had a blast!! A special thank you goes to you Jeanette for making the experience safe and extra special. You made the experience of archery very exciting for kids who have never even held a bow in thier hands!!! I will highly recommend to others to come and enjoy a fun, safe and exciting birthday party for kids of all ages!!!

Thank you again,

Tim Barnick

I learned to do all the steps right. I learned that I was right eye dominate. I learned how to shoot with my eyes closed. I thought that this was alot of fun and I am definitely going to use what I know and go hunting.

I like being able to beat my sister at something. I thought that it was going to be hard, but it turned out easy. Mrs. Jeanette taught me every thing I need to know. I definitely will recommend her to my friends.

- J.P.

Hello Jeanette,

Thanks again for everything!  We ALL had a terrific time at Mason's party on Saturday! Lots of great comments from our family!

I have also posted about 30 photos on Face Book...I have already had several comments on what a "cool idea" it is for a birthday party!


Heather & Travis Kloehn (and Mason)

Old 45 Archery is a great place to shoot. The targets are well kept, the lighting is good, the technical experience of the guys working on equipment is top notch and the facility is all around the best! They cater to all levels of shooting from beginners to experts. I can't say enough good things about them.

- Joe Junion

I would like to thank Jeanette for her wonderful attitude and attention to safety while teaching our son Sammy how to handle and shoot a bow. Our son has special needs and Jeanette was very patient and friendly with Sammy, showing him the steps to shooting a bow safely and accurately. Jeanette was great with Sammy and has become a good friend to him. Sammy has said what a great time it was and can't wait to go hunting! Thanks again!

- Dick and Sammy

Thank you so much again for a fun party. We were quite impressed and look forward to coming back for a few lessons some day!

- CJ and Paula Q.

Thank you very much for letting us come celebrate Ryan's 9th birthday at Old 45 Archery!  Everyone had SO much fun - both kids and adults! You really have a wonderful place and made us feel so very welcome. 

- Sarah and Ryan

Our Mother Daughter Book Club recently read 'The Hunger Games', and chose to take archery lessons at Old 45 Archery for our book club meeting. None of the girls (or the moms) had ever tried archery before. We had so much fun! Jeanette took the time to teach us proper shooting and safety techniques. We all loved the experience! Very empowering! Thank you, Jeanette!

- Kris M.


Chad/ Jeanette & Staff-

I just wanted to thank you all for all the great equipment and service over the years. I put those Rage broadheads to good use this past week on public land in Colorado.  Enjoy the pictures of my first Bull Elk.

- Matt Gehl



Jeanette and Chad,

My Brother Scott and I walked about 7 miles this past Thursday scouting for a deer hunting "hot spot." We went out yesterday to give it a try, and this dandy little buck came out 22 yards away, about 7 minutes to closing time. Scottie pulled back his Monster 7 and let his brand new Maxima Blue streak arrow fly! His shot was true, and the buck only went maybe 10 yards. We had about a 2 mile drag ahead of ourselves, and didnt get out of the woods until 10PM. I just wanted to share a picture with you guys, and thank you for all that you do! We both feel that if it wasn't for your superior products, customer service, and most of all your archery expertise we wouldn't be half the archers that we are.

Thank you for your help with shooting form, and setting up a fantastic bow. Every bow that leaves Old 45 is perfect!


- Alexandra Froehlich



Thanks for an awesome B-day party for Chase. He had a GREAT time and we've heard nothing but positive feedback from the parents! The kids came home and didn't stop talking about it:) Jeanette~ you are a wonderful hostess! So funny!

- Lynn Hunter

Thank you Jeanette for the expert advice and fun archery experience for Bob who has been shooting half his life,to Jordan, Aaron and myself as novice. Learning how to properly hold and shoot with attention to safety. We all came away with new knowledge to shoot with more confidence.The boys loved the 3D range especially spinning the Dall sheep.

- Bob, Lorie, Jordan & Aaron

Chad and Jeanette,

Here are a couple pictures of the bull I showed you the other day in the shop. A big thanks to you for the quality service and bow setup. You set the bow up in February (I think) and I never moved the rest, peep, or kisser from the day he set it up. I shot hundreds of arrows over the course of the summer and officially broke in the bow on September 19th with this 270” bull from public land in Montana. Although I only shoot 60 lbs and have a short 27” draw length, I achieved a complete pass-thru on this bull at 33 yards. The reasons for the pass thru were the precise arrow tuning and cut-on-contact broadhead. Without the proper bow tuning/arrow match this would not have happened.

Thanks for the great service.
Look forward to seeing you again soon,
Jim Weinmann

Hey Jeanette & Chad,

This past Saturday (Nov 12) Ken shot his first deer with a bow. At ten years old!
A great thanks to everyone at Old 45 Archery for helping make this happen!

I've attached the pic below.

See you in a few weeks.




Thanks for hooking me up with my best bow to date! I shot over 100 arrows already and love the bow more every round. Your service is second to none, and I look forward to dealing with you for a long time. I can't wait to shoot some more and I can't thank you enough!

- Clint Prahl

Good Morning Jeanette:

Thank you so much for the awesome afternoon at Old 45 Archery on Saturday. My group of scouts (troop # 3045) had a fantastic time and we'll let everyone know how great your operation is for scouts. Thanks again!

- Jim