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ProShop and Retail Store

Click here to view more photos.At Old 45 Archery, we have a Bow Technician/Sales Person on duty all hours of operation. Our very knowledgeable, friendly Sales Staff and Bow Technicians are ready to share their experiences/secrets or hear any questions or concerns you may have regarding archery or hunting. No matter how simple the question may seem, our main concern is that you are well informed at the end of our meeting.

Click here to view more photos.Our Pro Shop will do our best to repair or tune your equipment with the efficiency and turn-around time that we would demand if we were in your shoes. We can help you with a repairing or replacing  your compound bow, crossbow, traditional bow, arrows and arrow components,strings, sights, quivers, arrow rest, bow case, release, clothing, scents and lures, safety harnesses, broad heads, game cameras, etc.  

Another service we offer is paper tuning. We all know how relieving it is to see that our arrows are flying correctly when we shoot, so we will do everything in our power to make sure you are set for that hunting trip or tournament  you are planning.

…AND where else can you go where you can try equipment out before you buy it?Click here to view more photos.

One service that makes our Pro Shop/Retail Store unique if that we offer private archery lessons. If you need some one on one time with someone who can give you some pointers on how to start or improve your archery game, give us a try! Rates vary, so call or email to find out more details on how  to book your lesson today!

If you are in the market to buy new equipment, here are some of the brands we carry: Mathews Solo Cam, Mission Bows, Genesis Bows, Zebra Bowstrings, HHA Sights, Dead Down Wind, Gamehide, Black's Creek, Kwikee Kwivers and Carbon Express Arrows.

We strive to only carry products with premium quality because you deserve it!

 Sometimes the only thing a customer needs is the reassurance that what they are currently using is working just fine!

Other services include: a pro shop, custom arrow making, custom string building, papertuning, private/group lessons, 2 indoor shooting ranges (20 yd warm up and 40 yd 3D), leagues, family shooting, fully stocked "leaning post" (also known as a bar), and the best cheese burgers in the WORLD!! (cheese burgers are a seasonal food item, but we always have great Orv's Pizzas!)

Click here to view more photos.Click here to view more photos.